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POSITIVE ENCOURAGMENT IT is and i am IT Words of Wisdom and information shared by Doc in the Summer of 2022


Past Update: June  28th, 2002

Words of Wisdom Page  -- More

ALL THANKS AND PRAISE BE UNTO OUR CREATOR! I am nothing BUT YOUR HUMBLE SERVENT!  "Are you one who like's to give? Or Are you one who like's to take"  --"You must: FACE YOURSELF, BEFORE YOU CAN EVER JUDGE ANOTHER!" --- "Careful of the decietful EYE, for it takes one, to know one."  --DoC 

  This is a great picture, I was Blessed to see.  I have had Deer, Foxes, Bobcats, Hawks, Many Unique Birds, Racoon's, and more Great Visitors.  And you know what. I really enjoy the company. LOL.  

   Thank you for visiting.  This Site is a Work in Progress, an I maintain EveryThing.  With the biggest Thanks to Our Creator.  And next to our Families Cat & Dog.  Whom I I know our both out to get me.  For they work me to death.... Ok, I'll stop whinning....

   My attempt to Convey, with this site, is the Complete Scope, of One's Mind, Self, & Body.  Peace is within, and All the MAGIC in the Universe is with-in your Heart! BELIEVE! Thats all you have to do is: BELIEVE! in doing so, you have to: "LET IT GO!"  Great movie, and Great idea!  

   You are your own biggest enemy.  The obsticles within your life, are due to you. No matter what the Situation is, or  What the out come is.  Rather is be GOOD or BAD. It is No Body else's Fault, but yours.  Time to Step Up, and be that Lion, or BOSS you boost about being, when you are alone, or with those you think you can BOSS around.  Sometime's you reach the end of the Line, and you have to finally look at yourself.  When you DO Look at YourSelf:  Suprise, and Congratulation's!

   I am going to attempt to help you, WAKE-UP.  Be Happy and enjoy the Peace of True Happiness.  I am nothing speacial. I am, just as, You are, I am. You ever wonder what am and pm mean.  Well, which person or mask do you wear in the am and which mask or person are you, in the pm?  I have to laugh a little hear..... 
   Thinking, requires more energy, then used in the Nuculur Explosions.  Rather then spending time on a Happy Thoughts, one can find themselves, thinking of the Grief or Pain they are in. Here is the catch, or HOOK. This Person can sit there, and keep thinking of this Painful Thought, Over and Over.  Poor Poor Me..... Whine and Cheese, please. So, I can enjoy the Show, of ONE whom is still Asleep.  Hope you are following me. Another, great moment of laughter.

    You are the Only One, whom is making yourself, feel that way.  You are the One whom is allowing those thoughts, to Exist, with-in your Mind.  If it is someone, whom has just broke up with you.  Or, Worse, you have just Lost someone close.  Well, ask yourself this:  "Do you grieve because they are gone. Or, because you are selfish, and need their security blanket, to Exist. "Let it GO!" "Believe!"  

  My most famous comment is, one I use a lot, "A thought can only Exist for TWO Tenths of a Second .2, if you allow it go or Exist, any longer, it is your FAULT.  You can instantly replace any Thought with-in .2 (2 tenths) of a second, with a positive thought.

   That which you are going through, will come to pass.  Many others have endured this same Pain you feel with-in your HEART.  For I too, Have endured many Painful Events.  Everyone has.

   Loseing my Bulldogs was one of the HARDEST Events Ever.  Next to, well I lost count.  And, believe me, I have had many, many, many X MANY more. The older you get, the more you are going to have.  WAKE-UP!

   Death is so hard to deal with, "How many cemetaries are being visited regular."  Huh?  Can I see a show of hands.  Wake-Up.  Why do you feel that you are so different then anyone else?  WHY?  Why do you feel you are Miss UnderStood?  Can I get a WHY? Don't hate me, cause I point it out. And mostly because, I know. We all must take the same Foot Steps...... Great Christain Card:  FootSteps with Jesus FootSteps in the sand...

  How quick one forget one's follies.  But, with that same quickness, one remembers one's great achievements.  Yet others, cling to the follies. So, it is best to limit, your Follies in Life!

   Thanks for reading. Just my Monday Morning Thought.  Hope it has meaning for you, and thank GOD, our Creator, not me.  But, you can Blame me for any faults, for I do have them.  "Get that Plank out Your Eye, before you talk about that SPECK in your brother's eye"  Praise Be Unto Our Creator "I AM"  For Our Creator is the Only Living GOD!  He only wants you to wake-up.  Like a Baby, taking his first Vivid thoughts of the World in which It now Exist, in.  IT, is you, me, an each of us. We are all IT.  ---DOC

Just Posted New Entry on my Words of Wisdom Page --  A Must Read--- Thanks

Updated June 27, 2022: "Think Before You Act"

  After a beautiful morning, cleaning the Pool, I had a moment to reflect.  That's where my next two Video's where Created. 
I've seen both sides of this, and I am sure you have too.  If you haven't, then take my word for it, or learn the hard way.  Which is how we Learn almost everything.  Time to change that, and start learning from each other.

  This is Part One:"Think Before You Act"
   This is Part Two: "Think Before You Act 2"

DOCS Puppet Master More Motivational Encouragement Video's from DoC

   All Four are great Motivational Videos, and they help you get to know a little bit more about yourself.  We overlook, that which is before us. Do not AssUMe to know, anything. For that will make an Ass out of U & Me = AssUMe.  We believe that we are great at making choices, but we fail to remember, all the time's we were wrong, when we made a Choice from the Belief we know best.  Then, found out, we where wrong.  We don't remember these. Yet we remember, when we remember we did something, right. I thank you for taking the time to watch my Videos. My goal is to help you, with providing knowledge, which you are aware of, but don't see it. Until, DoC points it out to you. My Videos are to help. Know that I speak of my self, and not of anyone, in general. -- DoC

Updated June 23, 2022: "Strange Nights"

  Be sure to check out one of my New Portal Divisions.  Strange Nights is my newest You Tube Library, and where I am uploading a lot of my newest Videos, about Night Life, here in my Home Town.  


Updated June 21, 2022: DOCS NEWEST "Strange Nights"

  DoC & Bee's newest Book, coming soon.  "Bay Harbor"  Is an American High School Drama.  I put this image together earlier, when I was working on Our First Story Line.  Miku has just moved in, from Japan. An, she is causing trouble for a "Bay Harbor" High. Along with the fact that Miku everyone creating rumors. Even the Faculy has drummed up some good Rumors..  Look for the first release, coming up in 7 day's, or maybe sooner.

Doc & Bee's Newest Book: Bel Harbor

"Bay Harbor"  An American High School Drama -  Coming Soon 

Update:  May 28. 2022  
   I just added my first Video, where I start talking more about my time in Prison.  I will be sharing more!  If you have any topic's or question's, please leave them in the comment's below the video's, an I will answer them.  

Doc Shares About His Time in Prision
  I also am about to leave another Blog entry.  So be sure to check it out, as well.  My Prison Stories are on my You Tube Channel! as well. And Check out TALKING CAT if you would like to have a good laugh.

    I have a lot more to share with you, an I think many of you are already aware of a lot of what it is I have to share.  This images above really has been bothering me.  I saw this years ago, but thought about it earlier, and pulled up an old map. And there it was, all over again.  So, I did a screen shot, and adding my copyright info, and started sharing the pic.  You can see the beast laying on the United States and the Hag on the Beast Back.  Along with the small island looking like Flames!  WOW!!!
  Now, this may not seem too positive, but this is not for that.  This is to show you, how things are hidden right in front of us, and we don't even take the time to see them.  One you have Awoke, many more things will become clear, to you. 

  Please bookmark this site, and be ready for more info coming soon.  I am updating this site, along with several others, so please bare with me.  But, the time is here, and we are all aware of what time it is.  Thanks for visiting an I love you brothers and sisters.  We are ONE!  


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I share this image with you for one reason.  If you look closely at my left shoulder, you can see where the first knife wound I recieved, is located.  I awoke at 6:35 am with a "shank" aka knife, stuck in my shoulder.  It was the morning of my daughter's birthday, an on a Friday.  He managed to stab me 7 time's, before I took it away from him.   Which, as I said, I was laying in my bed, on a Friday morning.  County had not been cleared, for too long.  I was waiting for chow to be called so I could go get on my Dawg's burner, and call my daughter.  It was pancake day, so it was running slow.  Dude was spun out on ice, and mistaken me for my Roommate.  Who had gone out, and left the door open.  I whipped him up out my room and in front of the whole pod.  I thru up dueces to everyone when I rolled out.  Everyone thought I had dies, cuase  the rumor was "The sheet was pulled over DOC when the Ambulance left.  But, I was back on the compound with-in a few hours, and had staples in my wounds.  Which I went right back to my room, and took the staples out, 6 day's later., myself.

    Which, at most prisons, the doors are locked during those time's.  Not at North West.  Not then at least.  No body ever kept their door's locked. All the door's were rigged.  We could lock them if we wanted, but then you may not get out, because the C/o's wouldn't come unlock them.   North West ran differently then any prison in Tennessee.  Anyone there will tell ya.  Way under staffed, and all the rejects where there, or at another CCA prison, Trisdale.  Just before I was release, they had came around, and place pad lock's on all the doors.  In an attempt to get control of the place.  The Warden had came on the in-house TV and said:"Guy's, if yall don't stop cutting knives from the metal in your rooms, you are gonna end up with no metal to sleep on....   Everyone had a knife. 
   Everyone there knew me.  Mainly cause I was the only guy who worked the dinning hall.  Which allowed me to see some really crazy shit.  There was a metal detector when you first walked in. An, as the pod's came to eat, as everyone walked under the metal detector, it would go off.  All you heard was BEEEEP.  No joke. 
  This is just one of the time's, I was stabbed.  ICE does not mix with metal illnesses, especially schizophrenia.  Oh, have I got some stories.  I joke with guy's, before I got out, I was gonna call my book:  "You ain't gonna believe this shit!"  So, that will be the name of my main prison book.  I was at North West for my entire stay, this time.  Other then when I cam through classification.  I was, and still am, well know.  To this day, I talk with old friends, and if you was there when I was, you knew who I was.  The job in the kitchen, was one of the best to have.  An, I had a chance to see every unit, 2 times a day.  I ran the kitchen for 3 1/2 years.

    Many said I must have 9 live's. But, I know that it is Our Creator, whom is not yet satisfied with my work, here in this world.  For, Our Creator is with me, just as Our Creator is with you.  Yet, many have just been rocked into a deep slumber.  My hope's is that I can wake them up, and help educate other's on how to do the same!  Most people know the system is messed up, and that's from the county, and the way up. But, they just overlook it.  Then, next thing you know, they are, or one of their loved one's are caught up in it.  Then, it is too late to try to do anything about it.  The judicial systems prays on people for money, an it is one of the biggest scheme or racket's going, today.

   I will go into more detail, as I start sharing more.  I will never tell anything that will put anyone else in a spot. But, I hope that I am able to help guy's who don't have the chance to speak out.  My story is not meant to sound like I am bragging or that I am boasting, for that is by far the reason why I say what I say.  From those that know me, I don't have to talk about it, when I am bout it, bout it.  Real, and a solid 100.  Or, as we say: Righteous.  I was never affiliated,  and still respected by all. Real, is real!