Bay Harbor A High School Drama - in a Small American Town

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   New Book by Bee & Doc "Bay Harbor" 1 st chapter  by DOC  --"Strange Nights"

   The Summer Vacation, was nearing an end. The Back-to-School sales, had been airing on the Television, and radio.  Not too mention, all those Ad's on YouTube, Instagram, TicToc, and Google.
   Miku was having trouble with the Deep South Humidity.  For the past 12 years, she had lived in Beverly Hill's.  Were the Temp's stayed comfortable, and there was no Humidity. 
  Miku's Father, Ni Miku, had been a Professor at Cal Polly, where Miku had already dreamed about going to College in a few years.  "Miku? Where did you pack my Hygein travel bag" Mikus Father yelled down the  hall-way of there 3rd house, since Miku's Mom Divorced, her Father.  
   Mrs. Miku had met a younger Physicist, whom she now lived with, in Japan.  The affair was Short.  They had only been with each other for a month, when Mrs. Miku had told Miku's Father, that she was leaving him, and moving back to Japan.
   She has not remarried yet, and She still has the Miku, Family name.  To make it worse, they had moved back to the small Jappanesse Country Town, which Ni Miku was born at,  2 House's down from Ni Mikus brother.
   It was actually, next to the Miku Family Farm Land, in Japan.  And, sitting on her bed, looking out the window. Miku watched a bird. Which sat on a Large Branch, just outside her window.  The bird sat peacefully, watching Miku.  Turning his head, from side to side, and hoping around on the tree branch.  The bird kept his stare on Miku, though.  "Poor Birdy"  Miku said.  As a thought of the tree being cut down and the Bird loseing its Home, passed through her mind.  For her Father had said that this was one of the tree's, which was to be cut down, in the next few days.  
   They lived in Tornado Alley.  Or, close enough to it, that her Father had asked Miku to read about Tornado's, and they had been doing Tornado drills, which included Miku running to their Safe Room, near the center of the house, on the first floor,  
   Miku's Father liked the Tree near their new Home, but was afraid of the danger, from a Tornado.  Which could slam any of these trees, into their new Home.  New American Family Home, is what Miku's Father called it.  Ni Miku has already thought about His retirement, and this is where HE intended to Retired, too.
    So, he couldn't risk, a tree destroying their Home, and hurting one of them, if a Tornado, did slam a tree into their Home.  He spent enough time worrying about Miku driving.
   Thinking about this, Miku jumps up, grabs her BMW keys off the night stand, next to her bed.  An run's out her room, in a rush to make it outside.  So she can drive down the street, to the Corner Store.  Where she had saw a bunch of Kids hanging outside the store.  Some sitting on a tailgate, and others walking around, talking amongst each other.  With some new Country Song, playing on a Car's Stereo, where some guy sat on the hood. And, girls standing around Him, giggling. 
    He didn't look American, and he sure didn't look like a Country Boy.  But he had met eye's with Miku.  And, for a short moment, Miku had felt embarrased.  For she was looking at one of the Girl standing next to him, and he had seemed to of noticed!  
   "Had he noticed", Miku thought, to herself.  As she  pressed the Key Toggle, to Push to start her BMW 360i. Which she could hear it come alive, in their huge 12 Car Garage. 
  As she passed through the Kitchen, she saw her Father sitting in the nook, on the far side of the kitchen.  He was looking intently out the Window, as if in Deep Thought.  "So where you off to Kiddo?" "And, don't forget to drop this by the Post Office for me." Ni said "K. I love you Daddy"  Miku said, while giving her Father, a Hug.
    "Love you too. And remember to always look twice, and wear your seatbelt.  I'm cooking Supper tonight, will you be in early? Ni said, as he hugged his daughter, tightly. And gave her a Kiss on the cheek.
  "Daddy, you know I have my Yoga class tonight, an I have to workout." Miku said, while she crabbed some thing's into her designer purse, and rambled around, in it.  "You need to come to the gym, dadddy" Miku said, as she stopped rambling around in her purse, and looked at Him,
  "I will Baby Girl. I promise.  Just not tonight. I still have a lot of Work to do, and the Movers didn't un pack everything.  So, I got to go through some of that stuff, and finish this next Semester's Lesson Plan."  NI said, while making a sad face, and looking at Miku.
   "Daddy, come on, you used to love working out.  At least promise me, you will start back." Miku said "Ok, Ok, I promise." Ni said  
   "Love you Daddy. Miku screamed, as she ran out the Kitchen Door, into their Garage. Where her Black BMW set, running smoothly. "Love you to Baby girl!"  Ni hollered back
   As Miku pulled out of her driveway, onto the road, she thought: "This was a truly different place, from where she had just come.  For one, she had not saw the first Porche, LamBo, or Limmosine, in this town.  In this state, for that matter of fact.
   Big Trucks, that's what she saw!  Nice, custom, big Trucks, was what everyone seemed to drive, around here.  Just as this thought passed through her mind, the Country Song: "Cruise" was next in her her play list. She pushed max Volume on here BMW's State-of-the-Art Stirring Wheel.  Laid her head back, into those Soft Captain Chair Head Rest, which are in all BMW's, and stepped on the gas peddle.  An you could hear this, German Made Machine, come to Life.  

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   This Book, "Bay Harbor", is the one I am excited about.  Because, Bee an I are doing it together.  Bee is my Daughter, whom I love dearly.  An, I have her in everything, I do.
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