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Thank you for visiting my YouTube Channel Overview page, on My Website.  I enjoy making Videos, creating content, and Developing Websites. I am excited to be able to share with you my content, on my Website.  This allows me to do something I enjoy doing.  List first is my Current Intro Video for my YouTube Channel.  Then, if you scroll down, you can find info, and link to the different Playlist on my YouTube Channel. Please feel free to Contact Me, anytime.  I have added lots of new videos, and will be adding more long form videos soon.  Please return for more info.  Thanks

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Docs YouTube Channel Introductry Video

  I post videos every day.  My current videos have been more about my Daily Walks and Life with My Pets. Who are family members to me. Luckily, I have been able to register Puddin as my Service Dog and wish I could register Joey the Cat as a Service Cat.  I do not like to go places, unless they can come with me.  I have just posted a new genre of Short Videos.  (Scary or Creepy Videos.  So, be sure to check out my YouTube Channel and Subscribe so you do not miss my future videos.  You can contact me anytime, with tips, suggestions, comments, or just to say hi.  Also, I do check my messages daily.


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LOCAL High School Bobcats Football Highlights

This is a collection of Shorts, where Doc covered the Giles County High School Football Season for 2022. 

You can Also Visit:   or  to view most of these shorts, on Docs High School Football Websites

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Docs Daily Life  (Main Playlist! Has all my videos in this playlist.)

YouTube PlayList Docs Daily Life Content Creator Doc Shares Videos about his Daily Life

 Puddins Daily Life
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!! NEW !!
CLICK FOR: Daily Walks with Puddin

Click above link to view my newest Videos, about Me walking Puddin, here in Southern Middle Tennessee.  These Videos are on my YouTube Channel, but you can view them here, on my website, by click the above link.  I will be adding more.


GET YOUR OWN CATNIP picture of Puddin and Joey the Cat.

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Postive Motivational Encouragement

Prison Stories

Boss Tracks

   Contact Me  if you see any errors, or if you have a video idea that you would like for me to share.  If you are a Local Athlete and would like for me to share your achievements and accomplishments. Or, if you would like for me to visit your program, and get some interviews.  I support all sports and High School Athletes. 
   I cover the Giles County Bobcats because both my brothers coach there, and I film for them. Both games and practices. Something I have done for Coach OC for many years.  However, I enjoy sports and the chance for youngsters to compete, and work together, as a team. So, I will be happy to cover your event, or share your story. 
   This goes for anyone who feels they have a great story, but do not know how to share it.  Contact Me  and I will share it. 

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