DOCS BLOG POST MARCH 27th 2023 Puddin Finds an Apple

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Monday March 27, 2023 4:50 p.m.

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  Today's Short Video was a good one.  Puddin found her an apple and I was able to video her eating it.  So, I thought it would make a great Short Video.  Here is is, and below the Video, I will continue my Post.  Listen to the Sounds!  You can hear the birds, and tell it was a beautiful morning, here in Southern Middle Tennessee.

Docs Deep South Blog Country Life December 5th 2022

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 THURSDAY DECEMBER 5 th , 2022 8:15 pm Docs Blog Entry

    I have been busy updating my websites, and catching up on my Reddit Communities, along with other Social Media Outlets.  I post at least 1 Video a day, and sometimes more.  Doing this has caused me to get behind on my other work.  However, doing the Videos helps me get share my thoughts and ideas, easier.  Plus, I enjoy creating Videos.  

December 5th, 2022 Content Short Video
Shadows Daily Routine
Created by Doc #ITisandiamIT

Docs Blog Entry THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2022

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       I am a long-winded guy, especially when we are talking about something that I enjoy talking, about.  I just shared a good Article on September 24th, which I ran across on the Insider.  Click here to read it.   I have another good Article on this DOOMSDAY DATE, which I wrote, myself.  It covers my thoughts on this, an I share a little more info with you.  Which, I wrote more then I intended, but it was about something I enjoy talking about.  Both of these two Links provide you with enough info, for you to

Deep_South Skies SunRise and Sunsets in Southern Middle Tennessee

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Deep_South Skies Sunsets and Sunrises in Southern Middle Tennessee are Beautiful

  I catch both the sunrise and the sunsets.  However, I have lot's of images from the Sunsets here in Southern Middle Tennessee.  I have shared those pictures in many of my Social Media Post.  I have also shared a lot of them on my websites, but now I am creating a new section to my Website, just for these pictures


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    When I first started this Community, I was planning on going a different Direction with it.  But, just like everything I have done in life, I have just gone with my instincts, and then figured out why, I did, what I did.