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Bumble Bee Boxing Bee OConnor Youth Champion Boxer

Meet Bumble Bee, and boxer with a STING

  Bumble Bee, a 15 year old Youth Boxer training, and getting ready for her Boxing Career.  Here, DOC share's video of Bee's workouts, and info on this up coming Boxing Phenomonon. Strong, Fast, and packs a heck of a Sting.  Look for more video's on DOCs YouTube Channel Bumble Bee Video Library.

I am Love my daugher and very proud of everything she is doing.  She is a fantastic artist and one heck of a musician.  Not to mention, she is tough.   I enjoy spending time with Bella, and working on her website, too.  Plus, I have more video and info about her coming up soon.  She is a great artist and want to share her music and her artwork.  



  I am currently working on adding more content, and we are going to have another Workout later.  Bee works out daily, and has a job.  This youngster is dedicated, and a real go getter.  Watch for Big Things from Bee, for she has the heart and the mind to do - IT! -- DOC