Happiness and Laughter helps with Postive Motivation, Encourgagement for Happiness

Submitted by admin on Tue, 06/07/2022 - 04:07


  Just having a little fun.  One weekend, after I had first gotten out of Prison, I created this, at first for my Bee, my daughter.  I was doing it just to bring a smile to her face, and when I am think, this is one of my forms of Doddleing.  
  I can take any still image, and bring it to Life.  And, have it say or sing, whatever I want.  This is Joey aka: "Phat Puss"  Bee brought her up and asked me to watch her, and not she has become my spoiled Kitty Kat!  Along with Puddin, my brother's dog, who I watch dugin the day. 
   They both bring me great joy, and happiness.  And everyday, get into something else.  With both of them picking at each other.  They are both spoiled brat's, whom help bring a smile to my face.

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   I just wanted to share it with you, and hope this little short Re-Make helped bring a smile to your face, as well.  I did the voice, and the animation.  Hope it helped brighten your day.  --DOC