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Brief Note From DOC on video:

  Thank you for taking the time to watch my video's, and for visiting my site.  I am just starting to share a lot of the knowledge, which I have retained, and been blessed to retain over the years.
   "IT"  has been screaming in my ear for year's, and for year's I have failed to listen.  But, that time has come to pass, an if it was meant for me to share with you any sooner, then I would have.  For what is, IS, and IT is the way IT is, or IT would not be.
     Know that a lot of what I have shared and what I will be sharing is knowledge about myself, and I speak about myself, in most of what I say.  In other word's, I am not pointing my finger at anyone, or talking about anyone in general. I am just sharing about myself, in hope's that IT will help someone else.
    BE YOUR OWN PUPPET MASTER:  This is something that came to me year's ago.  When I first was learning to deal with myself and the world around me.  Whenever I would allow someone to get me upset, I would think of this.  An it helped me, for it is true.
    If someone know's they can pull your string's, then most of the time they will do it, just because they know they can.  So, from what I have learned, it is best to keep control of your emotions, and not let anyone know which emotions effect you the most.  
    I love you brother's and sister's, an I am sharing much more.  Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are in need of someone to help pick your spirit up and see how great you truly are.  -- DOC