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Social Media Content Creator Website Developer, Motivational Speaker Donnie Doc OConnor

    ITisandiamIT is Proud to Host Docs Reddit Communities.  This will allow you to interact more with Doc, and will help Doc provided you with more info, and details.  Thanks for taking the time to check out my current Reddit Communities.  And for visiting my Website.  I am working on new update now, and may re structure this site, again.  Not sure, but thinking about it.  Below is a list of all of my Reddit Commuities, be sure to check them out.

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    I have separated my Reddit Communities, in order to bring you more Details on the Videos I am Posting to my YouTube Channel, and my TikTok.  Along with Instagram, Twitter, and Yelp.  Not to mention, some other Social Media Outlets.
   I am working on adding my Content, Daily, and I really believe I have One Heck of a Story to tell.  Sure, we all do.  But I do have a unique Story, and it is one, which Movies are made from.

    So, rather than give you one long Movie, I am giving you, all my Content, online.  Using my web portals (websites), social media, and all outlets, I am laying out my Story, and providing Positive Encouragement, all at the same time.  

   I have friends all over the Globe, and in all walks of life.  I have witness people getting Stabbed and killed. Also, I have been stabbed, over 15 times.  On 2 different Occasions.  I have been hit with concreate cinder blocks, and in more fights, then I can count.  

   I've fought more than 3 guys, at a time.  In front of crowds, both in and out of Prison.  An, I am not telling you this bragging.  No, I am just laying out the Facts, so you will know why I feel like my Life has been: A Made for Movies, Life.  Living through being stabbed 9 time's, the first time I was stabbed, then I was stabbed 6 times, on another occasion.  

   I've been shot at, One time, a point-blank range.  Another was by a sawed-off Shotgun. The first time I was shot at, I ended up being the only one who got any time out of the Deal.  An, I was shot at, first!  Thats why I have no love for the County Police Department, here.  
   I don't look like a tough guy, nor do I act like one.  I'm very polite, respectful, and respect others.  Yet, I have ended up in some good ones.  But the knowledge I have been blessed to have, is worth its weight in gold.

     When you finish reading my Articles on Reddit, watching my YouTube videos, and checking out my Content here, on my Web Portal. Then, you be the judge. You decide if my Life is a Made for Movies, Life.  I already know it is, just from the stories I have shared with friends, and the response, I get back from them.
   Again, do not think I am bragging, nor am I trying to influence your mind.  What is, IS.  I have no control of the Past, but I lived through it, and now I am ready to share my story with everyone, and my main goal is to reach as many people, as I can.  An to share my Story, and message, with as many people, as I can.
    Our Creator, and Source has Blessed me with the chance to be able to share my Story, and show How great Our Creator, is.  Our Creator has many names and comes in many unique religions.  Being able to Live, and get the chance to share my story, is one of the greatest gifts, Our Creator has blessed me with.

   Not only did Our Creator Bless me with a Heck of a Story, but Our Creator also blessed me with the skills needed, to get my Story and Content, online.  At the base of it, I am a Web Developer, and Network Specialist.  Not to mention: Certified Advanced Penetration Tester. (Certified Hacker)

    I am alive today, to be able to share my story, so I know it is just a matter of time, an everything happens, when and how, it is supposed to. The way Our Creator, created it to be.   
   I had to take this last trip, back to prison.  It was what Our Creator, has in plan for me.  Sure, I would have loved to of been out, but all I can do is hold on tight, to this ride, better known as life.
   This World has kept everyone asleep, for far too long.  It is time for everyone to Wake-Up! Just Wake-Up!  Thats all everyone has to do.  But this world has done such a great job keeping everyone asleep, most don't even know they are sleeping.  WAKE-UP!

   That is my main Job, and what I have been tasked with completing.  I am to do my best, and attempt to Wake-Up as many People, as I can.  I am using every tool Our Creator has blessed me with, and I am working around the clock, to reach as many People, as I can.

   Please help me!  Our Creator didn't create us to suffer, and to live life, so un-happy!  No, this is a Present, and Our chance to Grow, and overcome Our Worldly, thinking.  As you can see, I have already posted a bunch of Videos, and wrote a bunch of Articles.  And I am going to keep writing and posting Videos.  For, it is what I have been tasked, to do.
   Starting in the Next day or two, I am going to start reading Each Proverbs Verse, and dedicate a Reddit Community, YouTube Channel, and my website, to this action.  Not only will I read, but the I will write on it, and share the message, I have received, regarding, what we are reading.

   Our Creator talks to you, the same as Our Creator, talks to me.  No one person, is better, or above, any other person.  We all have a date, to be a ground worms, supper.   The only way anyone has power over you, is because you allow them too.
   Everything is just a Smoke and Screen setup.  Our Government and the Police department only have rule over us, because we let them.  Not a one of us knows what life is like, after death.  Yet, we play along with the Rules of Life, each hope for something better.  

   But none of us knows, for sure.  What I know is, I have been blessed, an out of all the people Our Creator could have chosen, anyone.  And it took me some years, to finally come to grips with it.  For, I begged Our Creator, to get someone else. I begged GOD to pick someone else.  Who is goanna believe me?  I'd ask.

   No more running from it.  Running from it has cost me almost everything.  It's time for us to all to Wake-Up!  You know, just as much, as I know.  GOD has been working, and he has been sending everything, in an attempt to reach us.

   You've heard IT!  IT, is the Holy Ghost, calling out to you.  That little Voice, which this world has tricked you into thinking, it is just your mind talking to you.  This World has set everything up, so it can Exist, longer.  Yet, that is not what Our Creator wants, or what Our Creator has planned.
   Stop running from IT!  For, I know you have heard IT!  Anyone with eye's, can see that a movement is starting to take off.  All that was wrote about, is coming to past. IT is, and I am IT.  That should be enough. For, IT is whom told me to choose that name.  
   You can stop reading here and think of me as just another mad man. Or you can allow my words to soak in and allow your eye's to be opened and know the task we have before us.  

   All the bad things, and evil creations of this World, is all of this World. And, everything has been set up, to attempt and make GODs plan fail. That will never happen.  For, Our GOD is the Only Living GOD!  

   Thank you, Brothers and Sisters!  Please Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and use my Contact Page to Contact me with any Tips, ideas, or if you are interested in helping me.  I can give you free membership to my Web Portals, which will allow you to post comments, on the Portal. An, it will allow you to create your own Articles and Web Pages.
   I am working on some pre-Configured layouts, but my System is easy to use, and you can update, and create your Webpages, from anywhere that has an internet connection.  I am excited about some new Content, from a Friend in California, who has just completed a 10-year Fed sentence, and he is sharing some great info, and Stories about himself.  I am working on adding His Content to my Website, and Social Media Outlets. 
   Also, working on a GoFundMe to raise money for recently released Convicts.  Everyone believes that the State and Government give Ex-Felons, and Convicts help.  Not really.  I've been grinding, and working my Butt off, and barely staying a-float.  But I am working to be able to start helping Convicts, and their Families.  

   Football season has slowed down my progress.  Yet, it is for a good cause.  I am helping High School Athletes get their Bio's and Videos to the Public, and to College Coaches.  This is one of the main reasons for my Social Media outlets.  It's to help others, and myself.  Yet, I forgot about how hard it is to get people to check out your Content.  Unless you pay money for Clicks.  An, I will never do that.

  Our English Bulldog Website was getting 30,000 views a day, and sometime more.  So, I will build my website back up, and have them all ranking high in Search Engines.  This will help me market myself, and others.  
  This brings me back to my Social Media Outlets.  My daily life may not be what others want to know about.  I have a boring daily life, most days.  Most days I am just working on Content, and Walking Puddin.  But my Past is very interesting.  So, is some of my days.  

   I create content on a daily basis.  You can use any of my Reddit Communities to Voice your Opinions, or to reach out to me.  I love Feedback.  If you have any tips, suggestions, or ideas, please share them with me.  One thing I know, is I don't know anything.  That is why I am always ears, when someone shares some advice.  Thank you for visiting my site, and you will see that I am always updating, and fine tuning it.  Just like I am always adding new Content to My Social Media Platforms.  -- Doc

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