Part 2 Take a Break Relax Step out of the Picture

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When you're Dead, Do you want it to be nothing?  What Mask are you Wearing?  Just a few questions, from the Video. Hope you find it helpful

Notes of Video by DOC:

   Well, what do you Think? First, let me thank you for visiting and for taking the time to watch my Videos.  My intent is to Help others, and to allow them to open their minds and see this WORLD through Clear Eye's.  To ultimitly, find Happiness and Peace.  
    For it is so easy, we always overlook it.  My goal is to share this Happiness and PEace with you, and to show you that we all go through trials and tribulations.  It is: "How you PERSEVER" How you: "Over Come"  Which shows your Charachter and Self.  
   I am a perfect example.  I struggle, and have challenges, an I am sharing those with you, as well. Only to show you, that it is possible to OVER COME!  
  HOW?  Great Question!  The Million Dollor Question. But, I believe I have the Trillion Dollor Answer.  An, if you watch my Positive Encouragement Videos, and my others, you too will see: How.  
    We have to see it, to believe it.  "IT" being what ever you want "IT" Therefore, I am leading by example.  All that I speak of, is about my self, and my Path.  And, how I Over Come, and persever.
  Let me give all the Thank to Our Lord, and Creator.  Source "ONE".  For, I am a bumbling idiot, whose Flesh craves Worldly things.  Yet, I am Thankful to Our Creator for all that has been done in my life, and for all the lessons, I have learned.  
  BELIEVE -  All you have to do is BELIEVE!  With the Faith of a Mustard Seed, you could tell that Mountain to Move, an it would get up and move.  The World has corruptted your Basic Programming, and re structured your Belief's in a way, in-which, you find it difficult to BELIEVE.  For, the World needs you, ME, and any one of us, to help; The World "IT" , Exist Longer.  Therefore, from the moment you are born, this World begins to strip away the Basic Program, which Our Creator saved with in your Brain.
   Our Brain is the grandest Super Computer, which we are aware of.  Thing is, each one of our Atoms, and the Sub Atomic Particles, which we are made of, each have a Super Computer Brain.  And Our Brains, are Organic.  Made of the same Matter, as Our Universe and all within Our Univers.  We are a Creation, of our Uniuverse.
   In my Journals, I explain this, and go into more in depth point of View.  Let me sum it up for ya.  We Exist, therefore, we ARE.  All within our Universe Exist.  Everything IS.  The one word which Sums us up, and any form of Existence is: "Survive"  We Survive, to Exist.   
  For anything to Exist, it must Survive.  To Survive, We Create.  CREATE-  Another Sub Catagory of Survive.  We must create, to survive.  We see this from the Basic form of Existance, al the way to OurSelves, and the Universe.  With Our Universe, being the Grandest form of Existence, in-which we are aware of.  From the Moment Our Universe begun to Exist, it begun to Create.  The Sub Creations followed the same Blue Print, and Begun to Create, themselves.  We are the grand piniccle of this Blue Print of Existence.  
  Our Stars are Great Atom Foundries.  Producing the Atoms needed to Create Solor Systems, Planets, Moons, and all forms of Existence, with in each Solor System, Gallexy, and Universe.
   This being, or seeming Complex, is what makes us put off anyt thoughts of it.  When something becomes complex, this World has programmed us, not to spend time thinking of it.  But, you must break that Worldly re-programming, and rise above.
   Just a little to think about guy's.  I will be sharing more, on a daily basis, and Hopefully, I hae been able to help as many people, as possible.  For, I believe, We all are servents.  And the More we help, the Better Servent, we are.  Therefore,  I am using my GOD given talent, to attempt to help as many, as I can.  
   I am nothing but a Older Gentleman, whom has been down the old dusty road, and Thankfull Our Creator is not finished with me, and I still have the chance to use the Skills Our Creator shared with me, to share with you.  
   Take the time to "Relax" and "Think about what I have said"  Let it marinate and sink in.  My words are for those Who have the Ear to hear, and when you hear, you will know.  I love all of you, and believe we are all Brothers and Sisters,  We all are ONE!   ONE!!!  Much Love and thanks again for taking the time to read what a bumbling idiot has to say.  Please check out my other Videos, and give me some like's, an I welcome all feedback and suggestions, and tips.  For, I am a work in progress, and so is this site.  So are you!  ONE Fam! ----DOC