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WAKEUP to find Happiness is waiting on you, and that you already have happiness


  ARE YOU TIRED OF BEING DEPRESSED? Do you want to know how to Be Happy, or how to find Happiness?  Doc has the knowledge and help, you need.  Are you tired of being frustrated, and Worried, all the time?  It's time for all of us, to Evolve, and stop letting the World wear, or tear, us down. IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP! Watch one of my social media Videos and continue to read more below the Video.WAKE-UP SNAP OUT OF IT STOP LOOKING FOR SOMETHING YOU ALREADY HAVE @ITisandiamIT
  When you realize how easy it is to be Happy, all the time, you are going to laugh yourself silly. 
    We all have been chasing something, we already have, and this is why it seems like it is so hard to find it.  Think of a time you have lost your Key's and looked all over for them.  Only to find them later, in a place you had already looked, twenty times.  This is the same way you go about looking for Happiness.  It is right Infront of you, and you just overlook it, because it is right in front of you.

  It is time for me to move forward with my Plans. Which is: To spread my message of Happiness and Enlightenment. It is TIME for me to HELP YOU WAKE UP!  The Great Awakening.  Is what I want to call this period of time.  I also have a great plan To Develop Automobile Drones.  Which will make our Live's easier.
   It is time for us to accept the new Technology as a blessing from our Creator, and to begin healing old wounds, which have kept us all divided.  Classifications = Divisions. We just accept CLASSIFICATIONS as normal.  But they are not.  RACE, SEXUALITY, HABBITS, RELIGIONS and other forms of Classifications, are all in place, to divide us.  
   If you're tired of not being happy, and want to know How I stay Happy, all the time, then I welcome you to come visit, and talk with me.  Come enjoy this Beautiful Deep South Hospitality, an I promise you will walk away with a new look on life.  I have the answers for that which you seek.  IT is and I am IT, stands for just that.  I am IT, So, are you, and I want you to know it.
  If you can't come visit, we can set up a meeting with ZOOM, or even FACETIME.  I am available to help you.  I want you to be happy and enjoy this life.  I know how tough things can get.  I've been there and understand.  I have traveled a long, difficult path. An experienced both High and Lows in Life.  I've been stabbed, shot at, hit with Concrete Blocks, jumped by 4 and more guys, an in many fights.  None of which, did I start.  I have run successful businesses, helped lots of people, and never attempted to harm anyone, except in defense.  
   Everyone has a fantastic Life Story, but I know my Story is one that is unlike anyone's.  Sure, everyone feels as if their story is different, and they are right.  But I guarantee you; my Story is one that is RARE!  If anyone should be down on life, and upset with the WORLD, it should be me.  Yet, I am not.  I believe I have gone through everything, in order to be able to help others. I have always felt as if I had a purpose, and it took me going back to prison, to finally realize what it is I am supposed to be doing.

   I want you to WAKE-UP!  Please let me help you find happiness, and peace.  Let me help you understand those things, which you feel are non - understandable.  I am not asking for money, nor am I asking for anything.  I am offering to help, free of charge.  The only payment I want, is that which comes from Our Higher Power!  Our Source or Creator.  Many say GOD, but which I do not knock.  For that matter, I don't knock anything.  "It is, what it is.  If it wasn't the way it is, then it would not be." --SCROLL DOWN TO READ MORE

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    One of the key tools used to keep you in a deep slumber, is the World has made it feel like it is Complex, and beyond understanding.   Our Human nature has been manipulated so that we avoid anything which appears to be Complex.  Life is not Complex, neither is who you are, or what your purpose is.  

   Do this for me.  In doing this, you will learn one of the biggest secrets known.  When I mention it, you will think: "Oh, I already knew this."  Sure, you do, but you have never taken the time to do it and stick with it.  Here is what I ask you to do: " Find you a quiet place and get comfortable.  This can even be at nighttime, just before you go to sleep.  Which is a great time, because it helps you focus your mind, before sleep.  Now, once you are comfortable, I want you to close your eyes, and envision a small dot of light, in a Large Dark Room.  Think about nothing, but this small dot of light.  If any other thought tries to enter your mind, re-focus back on the Small Dot of Light.  Be as still as you possibly can be, each time, any thought attempts to enter your Cognitive Awareness (thoughts), block it out, with the small white dot.  Do not allow any other thought, to last more then .2 tenths of a second.  Keep the small dot of light, as your primary thought.  Blocking any other thought, with this Dot of light.  
   Now, you can set a timer for 5 minutes, so that you will be aware of the time that has passed, but for the minimum of 5 minutes, please focus on nothing, but the little dot of light.  Once you have been able to stop all other thoughts, and you have been able to keep the dot of light, as your primary thought.  Then thank Our Creator, and thank your mind, for finally allowing you to get Clarity.  Do this for a week and watch how your life changes.

   Anytime you are in a situation which you become frustrated, think of this small dot of light, and remind yourself, that nothing can make you upset, unless you allow it.  Only you can make yourself, upset.  "But Doc, if someone close to me dies, that makes me sad. And I had no control over them dying, and their death is what made me sad. I cannot control that.  Or, if my boyfriend, or girlfriend cheats on me, that makes me sad and angry.  And it is their fault that I am sad or upset. Not my fault "   WRONG!  Sorry, but you are wrong.  Your own selfish desires, and wants, has allowed you to become upset.  You have allowed yourself to become angry or sad.  Not them.  I repeat, your own Selfish Desire's and wants, is what has made you upset.  YOU are the SOURCE of your own UNHAPPINESS!  I know, I have been there.  I understand.

   This world has reprogrammed us to feel this way.  If you work on the simple technique I mention above, then you will start to see this, for what it is.  You will begin to understand what I am talking about.  I want to help you, and as many people as I can, while I have the chance.  Together, we can all find Happiness and finally enjoy this Life, the way that we are supposed to have been enjoying it.  I do not think I am any different then you, or anyone else.  For that matter, I believe we are all ONE, and that we all share the same Hopes and Dreams.  Thank you for reading, and please feel free to Contact Me anytime.  Also, please check out my YouTube Channel, and give me some Likes, and Subscribe.  I am on all Social Media platforms, so do not hesitate to use the one you like best, to Contact Me.