Finding Peace of Mind and Happiness During Chaotic Times

Submitted by admin on Sat, 03/30/2024 - 15:00
Escape Your Own Mind To Discover Happiness

   For years, I've been on a quest to uncover the secret to happiness. My journey of seeking knowledge and understanding has led me down numerous paths. At the end of each road, I've consistently found that the more I learn, the less I seem to know. However, amidst this exploration, I've finally stumbled upon happiness.

     The true challenge lies in maintaining that happiness. Along the way, I've lost it, only to embark on another grand adventure to rediscover it. This time, I'm conscious of the hurdles I've overcome in order to reclaim happiness once more.

    I've had to confront my imperfections head-on, as I've done with many challenges in my life. I've come to realize that the world and all its facets are merely projections of my mind. Events unfold based on how my mind interprets them, crafting a holographic image for me to perceive.

   When I gaze out at the ocean, observing the rhythmic ebb and flow of the tides, I understand that my perception of it is shaped by my learned experiences. Similarly, when I look up at the sky and witness clouds drifting by, I recognize them as clouds because that's what I've been taught to see.

    We're all navigating through our own subjective realities, unable to truly grasp the thoughts and perspectives of others. Even when we share an experience, like observing waves crashing upon the shore, we can't fully comprehend what another person's mind is projecting as their reality.

    This understanding has led me to realize that attempting to decipher another person's thoughts or actions is futile and unnecessary. I can only truly understand my own thoughts and behaviors. Therefore, I strive to be the best version of myself and refrain from influencing anyone else's happiness. Treating others with the same respect and kindness I desire for myself is fundamental, regardless of their disposition.

    My awakening occurred around the age of 22, a moment of profound realization that we are all interconnected with the universe. Achieving this understanding requires solitude and introspection, detaching oneself from worldly distractions and embracing inner peace.

    Becoming liberated from worries and fears is an incredible experience. I've learned to relinquish control over external factors and focus on mastering self-control. Moreover, I've come to know Our Creator.

    If you're reading this, it means you've stumbled upon a work in progress. I'm eager to share more of my journey and help others find happiness and peace of mind. Most importantly, I aim to illuminate the greatness of Our Creator.

    I've faced death three times, surviving against remarkable odds. Despite these experiences, I don't consider myself special or different from anyone else. We are all part of the same universal fabric, destined to return to unity. It's remarkable how much time we spend emphasizing our differences when, in truth, we are all inherently the same.

    If you doubt my encounters with death, I'm more than willing to provide details of the emergency rooms I've been in and individuals who can attest to my experiences. My pursuit of knowledge about Our Creator has propelled me to delve into subjects like space, quantum mechanics, and history, questioning the narratives fed to us by conventional sources.

In the ongoing saga of my exploration, I will continue to unravel the truths obscured by societal constructs, striving to unlock our true potential. Stay tuned for more...

   Thank you for reading.  I have over 8 Journals.  Each filled front to back, and I have all that I discovered written in these.  At one point in time, I do plan on sharing those.  Many, who were in Prison with me.  Read them.  Some of my Journals were left behind, so others could take care of them, and share those with those they felt like needed to read them.  
   Once you disconnect from the Worldly ways, and all the tools that this World has devised to distract you.  You will then, be able to see clearly.  I want to help as many people as I can.  Yet, I do understand the risk in this.  Nothing good ever comes to anyone who brings this message.  It never has, and I do not expect anything to change.  I have questioned my own sanity, and even shared these thoughts with Our Creator.  Yet, it is not meant for any of us to understand Our Creator reasoning, or way.  For, Our Creator is a Greater, higher Power.  Which, we all will return too.  If you find what I have to say interesting and want to know more. You can contact me, anytime.  
   When the quantum computers become stable, we will then begin the real countdown to the end of times. Just remember, you are greater than you know.  Please believe in yourself and stop allowing this World to get the best of you.  I love you my brothers, and sisters.